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  • Delivery

    The scheme of cooperation is built so that the problem of lining up partners to quickly and efficiently.
  • Communications

    Delivery service has established relationships in the industry''s leading e-commerce.
  • Support

    We give complex support of clients and buyers of online stores at all levels of interaction with our courier service.
  • Points of issue of orders

    MaxiPost is always ready to dialogue. And as you know, communication is the key to success.

Seven arguments to choose the MaxiPost

No. 1 Hot line of MaxiPost
The main objectives of call center specialists – formation of loyalty of the client, the data of inappropriate contacts of staff of online store and buyers to zero. The hot line gives ability to the buyer and the client quickly to receive answers to questions of delivery process.

No. 2 Own IT service
The resource makes our company flexible concerning needs of the client and allows to be built in schemes of work of the client. We not only integrate available decisions, but also we develop individual under each task.

No. 3 Trace & Tracking
Contains information on delivery process, at all stages. Keeps the buyer informed on events: quickly and without additional communications with the call-center. Trace & Tracking is a reflection of an actual condition of delivery by special system of the statuses: from parcel reception on a warehouse before receiving by her buyer.

No. 4 Transparency of the Reporting
The form and type of the reporting gets selected proceeding from inquiry of the client, than the maximum transparency of business is provided.

No. 5 Support of Initiatives of the Client
Level of professionalism of specialists of the company allows to realize initiatives of our partners. With in few years of work the MaxiPost was more than once the first, introducing new services in the market of express delivery.

No. 6 Insurance of Parcels
We insure departures on their overall cost and we compensate to you losses in force majeur cases. Compensation happens quickly, and without additional delays.

No. 7 Customer focus
The team of the MaxiPost Company has considerable experience in the market of distance trade. Million carried-out deliveries and hundreds of the fulfilled cases allowed us to develop a number of tools, each of which is applied depending on features of business of the partner. We don't sell box decisions, imposing services which aren't effective for your business. The scheme of work is always developed under specific goals and tasks. Signing the contract with the MaxiPost, you receive, not simply the contractor, but a real partner in business.